The AC Schnitzer BMW 545e: When Hybrid Met High Performance, According to Auto Bild

The AC Schnitzer BMW 545e: When Hybrid Met High Performance, According to Auto Bild

You might want to sit down for this — Auto Bild Sportscars has just thrown us a curveball. The German magazine's latest test subject is the BMW 545e, but not just any 545e. This one's been sprinkled with the special sauce from AC Schnitzer, and it's shaking up the hybrid game.

From the get-go, this isn't your typical electric-assisted snooze fest. No, sir. This is what happens when AC Schnitzer takes the reins: a hybrid that looks like an M550 in a finely tailored suit, complete with all the aerodynamic trimmings and wheels big enough to moonlight as satellite dishes.

But here's the kicker — in their June 2023 issue, Auto Bild's seasoned testers found this electrified 5-series doesn't just look the part; it plays it. With a tap of the throttle, the AC Schnitzer-tuned 545e xDrive whisks you to 100 km/h in under four seconds. That's right, 3.97 seconds of hybrid hustle that'll have you questioning the fabric of reality.

The AC Schnitzer team knows the BMW B58 engine like an old friend, which is why they've coaxed out an extra 51 horses, bringing the count to a formidable 445 hp. And it shows. Auto Bild's V-box meter confirms it — this machine is fast. Not just in a straight line, but in the twists and turns that would have lesser hybrids quaking in their low-rolling-resistance tires.

It's a heavyweight at two tonnes, but you'd never know it from behind the wheel. The weight's perfectly split, like a fine dining experience with impeccable service to match. And while the batteries add some heft, the tuned suspension and Michelins ensure it's all but invisible as you carve through the countryside.

Auto Bild's testers were particularly enamored with the 5-series' agility, courtesy of the AC Schnitzer spring kit. And while they could've done with a bit more aural excitement — the standard sound system is all you'll get since there's no sports exhaust — they couldn't help but admire the well-crafted symphony of performance and efficiency.

So, what about the efficiency stats that make a hybrid, well, a hybrid? According to Auto Bild's rigorous testing, the 545e can be as frugal as 6.8 liters per 100 km, with a range that stretches beyond the horizon — 680 kilometers, to be precise. And while it can gulp more under duress, it's a small price to pay for the grin it plants on your face.

In the end, the AC Schnitzer BMW 545e has done something remarkable — it's made us smile, and it's made Auto Bild Sportscars sing its praises. It's a car that blurs the lines between efficiency and excitement, and it's a clear sign that the future of performance is electrifying.

Scorecard Summary:

With a total score of 267 out of 350 from Auto Bild Sportscars, the AC Schnitzer-tuned BMW 545e stands as a testament to what's possible when hybrid meets high performance. It's a car that doesn't just challenge the status quo; it leaves it in the dust.