H&R Springs into Action: The BMW i4 Gets a Sporty Makeover!

H&R Springs into Action: The BMW i4 Gets a Sporty Makeover!

In the world of automotive enhancement, where form often follows function with the grace of a ballet dancer, H&R has just pirouetted onto the stage with a proposition that's music to the ears of BMW i4 owners. Here's the scoop: They've unveiled their latest creation, a set of lowering springs designed to transform your i4 from a high-riding electric cruiser into a tarmac-hugging, corner-carving showstopper.

Now, let's talk numbers because, let's be honest, that's what gets our motor running. We're looking at a drop of approximately 30 millimeters up front and a variable 10-25 millimeters in the rear. What's that mean? It means your i4 e40 isn't just going to look like it's doing the limbo under those parking garage bars; it's actually going to handle like it's dancing through pylons on a slalom course.

But H&R isn't just about getting your car to hunker down for a more aggressive stance. Oh no, they've got their sights set on the full package – enhanced aesthetics paired with a driving experience that'll have you grinning like you've just gotten away with something. These springs are tailored for BMWs with rear air suspension, ensuring that while your i4's knees are getting lower, the ride quality isn't taking a nosedive.

Quality? Check. Precision engineering? Double-check. It's all there, with a part number to make it official: 28588-2. And it's not just for any i4. This is for the eDrive 35/40, the electric dynamo that's been turning heads since 2021.

What H&R has done is a little like giving your i4 a pair of running shoes and a coach who's whispering, "You were born to run, baby." So, to all you BMW i4 pilots out there, looking to add a dash of athletic flair to your electric ride, it seems the maestros over at H&R have composed a symphony just for you.