Embrace the Frost: ALPINA's Winter Drive Days 2023 – A Symphony of Luxury and Control

Embrace the Frost: ALPINA's Winter Drive Days 2023 – A Symphony of Luxury and Control

If you've ever thought that the best way to spend a winter day is tucked up by a fire, sipping on hot cocoa, and watching the snowfall, well, you've clearly never been to the ALPINA Winter Drive Days.

This December, the small, prestigious arm of BMW, ALPINA, is hosting its annual winter driving extravaganza in the stunning glacier region of Sölden, Austria. And folks, it's not just a driving event—it's a festival of speed, control, and luxury, the ALPINA way.

Day One: The Symphony Begins

Guests will begin their day at the opulent 5-star “Das Central” hotel, where they'll be treated to a gourmet lunch before heading to the ALPINA lounge for the official welcome. The excitement kicks into high gear in the afternoon with the first part of the winter driving training on a specially prepared glacier terrain.

After mastering the art of winter driving (or at least starting to), participants will return to the hotel for some "petrol talks," a coffee break, and a lavish five-course dinner at the “ALPINA Stube,” perfectly paired with ALPINA wine. Because what's an ALPINA event without a touch of gourmet indulgence?

Day Two: The Crescendo

The second day starts bright and early with a gourmet breakfast, followed by more high-octane action on the glacier. After pushing their BMW ALPINAs to the limit, participants will return to the hotel for a final lunch, wrapping up the event with satisfied smiles and plenty of stories to tell.

The Fine Print

But hold on, folks, this isn't just a show up and drive kind of event. Participation comes with a price tag of EUR 1,499, and it's strictly bring-your-own-ALPINA (with all-wheel drive and winter tires, thank you very much). And, in the true spirit of exclusivity, spaces are limited, so you'd better act fast if you want in.

Why This Matters

In a world where most car events involve standing around and looking at parked cars, ALPINA is offering a genuine driving experience—a chance to push your car to its limits, to learn from experienced instructors, and to do it all in the lap of luxury. It's an event that celebrates the joy of driving, the thrill of control, and the love of fine automobiles. And in these trying times, isn't that something we could all use a little more of?

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So, if you've got a BMW ALPINA, a sense of adventure, and a love for the finer things in life, the ALPINA Winter Drive Days might just be the winter wonderland you've been dreaming of.