BMW F2x F3x Dynamic Cruise Control Retrofit Guide

BMW F2x F3x Dynamic Cruise Control Retrofit Guide

Hey, gearhead!

Ever thought about getting a little more techy with your beloved BMW 1, 2, 3, or 4-Series?

We're talking about retrofitting the dynamic cruise control, option 544.

Sounds fancy, huh?

Let's break it down.

What's on the plate? Upgrade time!

This isn't just any retrofit – it's a journey into the realm of dynamic cruise control.

And if you've ever dreamt of your Bimmer handling those downhill roads without you constantly fiddling with the controls, this is your golden ticket.

The LIM Factor: Got the LIM function?

Congrats, this guide's tailor-made for you. If you're scratching your head wondering, "What's LIM?" or worse, if your ride isn't LIM-equipped, brace yourself. There's an extra pit stop for you – swapping out the instrument cluster, known to the cool kids as KOMBI.

So, buckle up, BMW enthusiast. We're about to dive deep into the world of dynamic cruise control, and by the end of this ride, you'll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

Dynamic Cruise Control 101

Alright, pedal-to-the-metal enthusiast, let's put on our tech hats for a minute.

Dynamic cruise control isn't just about going vroom-vroom at a constant speed. Nope, it's the future, and it’s here.

  • The Cruise that Brakes: Forget the old days where cruise control was just about maintaining speed. With dynamic cruise control, your car's got brains and brakes. Rolling downhill? Your car's got your back, slowing things down without you even lifting a pinky.
  • Curve Speed Limiter, AKA Your New Best Friend: We've all been there, entering a bend a tad too enthusiastically, feeling the Gs, and wishing we hadn’t. Enter the Curve Speed Limiter. It reads the road, slows you down for that curve, and once you're through, it punches the gas, bringing you back to cruising speed. It's like having a co-driver, minus the backseat driving.
  • Steering Wheel Button Magic: See those fancy buttons on your steering wheel? They’re not just for show. With a quick press, you can adjust your ride's pace up or down. Whether you're feeling the need for speed or taking things slow, adjust in 1 or 10 mph/km/h increments. It's speed adjustment on steroids.

So, that’s the 411 on dynamic cruise control. Think of it as your car evolving, becoming smarter, and making your drives smoother.

The future's now, and it's right there on your dashboard.

Multifunction Steering Wheel Switches

Hold up, techie!

Before we get down and dirty with the retrofit, let's talk buttons. More specifically, the two switch blocks on that glorious steering wheel of yours.

They may seem minor, but they're the heart and soul of this operation.

  • Left and Right Blocks - The Dynamic Duo: Like Batman and Robin, but for your Bimmer. The right block wears the cape, acting as the master, while the left is the trusty sidekick, always there, always reliable.
  • Master and Apprentice: Imagine the right block as the maestro of a grand orchestra, and the left block as its diligent first violinist. Signals from the left? The right block reads them, processes them, and gets things moving. That's synergy, baby!
  • Switcharoo Time: So, you're retrofitting? Both switch blocks are up for a change. It’s like getting a heart transplant for your steering wheel. But here's the kicker: Before you yank 'em out, give your original switches a once-over. Know what you're working with, so you don't end up with a Franken-BMW.

To sum it up, these switches are the unsung heroes of your retrofit mission. They're small but mighty, working together in harmony to make that dynamic cruise control sing. So, show 'em some respect and handle with care.

The Great Part Hunt

Alright, treasure hunter, you've got your map, your compass, and a thirst for BMW upgrades.

But before you set sail on the retrofit seas, you need the right parts. Lucky for you, I've got the inside scoop.

  • BMW’s ETK - The Holy Grail: This ain't your grandma's catalog. It's a digital treasure trove, loaded with every part your BMW heart could desire. Think of it as your personal shopping assistant, only cooler.
  • VIN to the Rescue: Your car's VIN is like its DNA. Pop that number into ETK, and it'll spill the beans on everything your ride came with straight from the factory. But here's the trick: You're not looking for the same ol' parts. You're on the hunt for upgrade gold.
  • The 0544 Checkpoint: Click on the “condition evaluation” window and flag the 0544 "Cruise control with brake function" option as "Yes". Boom! ETK will serve up the exact part numbers for your dynamic cruise control retrofit. It's like ordering a secret menu item only the insiders know about.
And when you select the 544 option as “Yes”:
  • But Wait, There's More: Rocking the M-Sport steering wheel? Throw that into the mix when you're on your part hunt. ETK's got you covered, ensuring you grab the right goodies for your wheel of choice.

In the vast sea of BMW parts, ETK is your trusty lighthouse, guiding you straight to retrofit paradise. With the right parts in hand, you're ready to roll up those sleeves and dive into the real fun: the retrofit itself.

Alright, gearhead! Grab your tools and clear some workspace. We're diving deep into the next section, ///M style:

Replacing Multifunction Switch Blocks

We've talked the tech talk, now it's time to walk the retrofit walk. Switching out those multifunction blocks? It’s a bit like surgery—precision, attention to detail, and a steady hand are key.

  • Safety Dance: Before you get anywhere near that airbag, pull the plug on the negative battery terminal. We're aiming for an upgrade here, not a fireworks show.

Airbag 101 - M Sport Edition

T27 Torx is your BFF: Get it into that hidden opening. Push in the wire spring clip (both sides!) and free that airbag like it owes you money.

Unplug and Lift: Disconnect those plug connections, lift the airbag unit, and set it aside with respect—it's a life saver, after all.

Wheel Shenanigans: Unscrew, detach, and remove. The design trim, the release screws, and every little detail counts. Be meticulous.

Airbag 101 - Standard, Sport, M Edition

Release the Kraken: Those screws on the back of the steering wheel? They gotta go. Get 'em out!

The Great Disconnect: Unplug, then remove both multifunction steering wheel switches. Handle with care—they're the heart of your upgrade.

Switcheroo: Out with the old, in with the new. Install your shiny new switches, ensuring every wire is routed just right.

Pro Tips

  1. Always double-check your wiring. No one likes a loose connection.
  2. Every piece has its place. Ensure shift paddles, multifunction switches, and every bit is seated perfectly.
  3. Remember, you're not just swapping parts—you're upgrading. Treat each piece with the respect worthy of a top-tier Bimmer.

With those multifunction switch blocks snugly in place, you're one giant leap closer to dynamic cruise control bliss. But hold onto your wrenches—we've still got some coding magic to dive into.

Are you charged up and ready to tackle the coding conundrum in the next section?

Let’s get to it!

F2x F3x Cruise Control Coding

Welcome to the digital realm, where coding is king and your BMW is eager to learn some new tricks. Think you've seen it all with the physical retrofit? Think again. We're about to teach your Bimmer some new digital dance moves.

  • E-Sys Boot-Up: Fire up the E-Sys software. It's the backstage pass to your BMW's electronic concert, and you're the maestro.
  • Plug & Play: Connect to your car (F020). Imagine it as shaking hands before a dance. Introduce your software to your ride, and let the magic unfold.

Expert Mode Extravaganza: Dive into Expert Mode, and let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

  1. Activate FA and read its secrets.
  2. Calculate FP and stash it safely.
  3. Pop open the FA editor and toss in '544'. It's like giving your car a secret handshake, unlocking all that dynamic cruise control goodness.
  • The Final Countdown: Loop back to Expert Mode. Ready? It's coding time! Punch in FEM_BODY, KOMBI, ICM, DSC. With every entry, you're fine-tuning your BMW's brain, priming it for the open road.

And just like that, coding complete.

Your Bimmer's now a finely-tuned machine, ready to cruise dynamically with the best of them.

Give yourself a pat on the back, gearhead—you've just elevated your driving game to a whole new level.

There you have it!

With a mix of elbow grease and digital finesse, you've transformed your ride.

Ready to hit the road and test out your handiwork?

Safe travels and enjoy every dynamic moment!