2024 BMW XM Sheds 'Red' Label, Woos the Wallets with a $10K Sweetener

2024 BMW XM Sheds 'Red' Label, Woos the Wallets with a $10K Sweetener

In the world of high-end automotive extravagance, the BMW XM stands as a monument to both opulence and electrification - a plug-in hybrid SUV that doesn't just whisper luxury but rather bellows it. But, for those few who gaze at their bank accounts and don't blink at a near $200K price tag for a car, there's news afoot. The 2024 BMW XM, a vehicle that could make a Prius Prime feel like a mere speck in the rearview mirror of life's highway, is getting a bit of a makeover - in name and price.

A Rose by Any Other Name: BMW XM Drops the 'Red'

Initially dubbed the XM Label Red, this electrified behemoth from BMW's stable made quite the entrance with a heart-thumping 738-hp powertrain that could probably propel it through time if asked nicely. However, in a move that suggests even luxury car names can have too many syllables, BMW has decided to snip the 'Red' from the XM Label Red, simplifying it to just XM Label. Perhaps, in the world of high-end rides, less really is more - at least in the naming department.

A BMW spokesperson, in a chat with Motor1.com, hinted that this change was all about streamlining the name. Meanwhile, the folks over at Car and Driver are on the hunt for more insights, and we're all ears for any new revelations.

Pricing Shuffle: A Nod to the Slightly Less Wealthy?

Here's where things get even more interesting. The 2024 BMW XM Label, with its now less wordy name, comes with a slightly friendlier price tag. Originally set to make wallets $185,995 lighter, this luxury leviathan now can be had for $9,900 less. The same goes for its less intimidating sibling, the regular XM model, now starting at a still eye-watering $159,995.

According to the sleuths at Cars Direct, this price drop isn't just a straightforward discount but a crafty financial maneuver. Buyers can snag this saving by either going through BMW's own financing avenues or by opting for a "Non FS Credit" with other lenders, effectively turning it into a rebate.

Final Thoughts: A Deal or Still a Dream?

For the average car buyer, the 2024 BMW XM, even with its new name and price, remains a distant dream, much like owning a private island or having a pet tiger. But for those in the rarefied air of financial splendor, this move by BMW might just be the nudge needed. After all, who doesn't love a good discount, even if it's on a car that costs more than a house in some parts of the world?

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story of luxury, power, and the intriguing world of high-end automotive marketing maneuvers. BMW might have just made the XM a tad more tempting, or at least less tongue-twisting.